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Dream in Color, Capsule Collection

Dream in Color, Capsule Collection

As Guppy’s 1st capsule collection this year, we wanted to bring you beachwear that’s trendy yet classic to Guppy. Dream in Color is our rendition of the current tie dye trend made for life in the tropics.

Enjoy a good selection of two-tone tie dye pieces in our best-selling Beach Kimonos, Sarong Pants, Tropical Polos and of course our Classic Men’s Swim Shorts:

We have also created some new cuts with louder and brighter color patterns:

Sarong Shorts
As simple as it sounds, imagine our crowd favorite sarong pants but cut into half. Wear these shorts with its strings in front or tie them behind; both look great and it's totally up to your personal taste! By the way, this piece is also unisex.

Baseball Shirt
An addition to our collection of beach tops using smooth rayon. It's simple, breezy and just perfect for chilling by the beach!

Looking for something comfy to watch sunrise or sunset (or both)? Give these dresses a try! We have them in 2 colors: Orange and Light Purple.

Wrap Skirt & Guppy Bikinis
Ladies, this piece is a great way to accessorize your bikinis! Speaking of bikinis, we are most excited to introduce our first set of Guppy Bikinis - the first set of many! You may find them in 3 tie dye colorways and 2 simple cuts.

Dream in Color and turn those grey skies into blue. As we approach the rainy season let's add one last fun mix of colors to your everyday. Keep Living!